The UAUT Campus Church (UCC) began worshipping in the meeting hall of

the campus' administration building in August of 2019. Rev. Don McIsaac

joined as the senior pastor on October 8th 2019 and preached his first sermon

on October 27th that same year. 


We are still in the process of formalizing our leadership structure. But so far

the leadership consists of the senior pastor, 2 associates, and an elder. We

hope in the future to be a viable and healthy church body which follows the

reformed protestant tradition. Having said that we do invite all those who love

the Lord and His Word and desire to hear the Word correctly preached and

the sacraments duly administered to join us each Sunday on the campus of



Here at UCC we follow an expository style of preaching where the main point

of the passage is also the main point of the sermon and all application to our

lives as believers follows from that. We also follow the practice of preaching

through an entire book of the Bible from start to finish over the course of a few

months. Occasionally, we will hear topical sermons preached that are specific

to certain events within the life of the church, Christmas, Easter, Baptism,

Communion, etc. where we will consider the whole of what Scripture teaches

about a specific subject.


As for duly administering the sacraments we, as a body, celebrate

communion on the first Sunday of every month. When this pandemic and it's

restrictions eases allowing students, and others from the community, to join us

once again we plan to conduct a Baptismal candidates class followed by, God

willing, inviting many to be Baptized.


Please also feel free to browse the other sections of this menu to find out

more about what we believe here at UCC and also read some of the past



Above all, everything we do and say as a church here at UCC will be for

the Glory of God Alone!